Belgian Helidays

April 12th, 2017

Sabca Belgocontrol TVCOM Haacht Full Tactical TESLA

Frequently Asked Questions

Generalities and registration

Entry fee reduction upon inscription? For whom?

  • People born as from 1996
  • Active military with military ID
  • Disabled people

What in case of big (+20 pers) groups?

  • Contact Public Relations service at 1W-EM-IPR@MIL.BE
  • Explain about the group
  • Mention the kind of transportation you use
  • Pay for the entire group

How do I get a VIP invitation?

  • Contact Public Relations service at 1W-EM-IPR@MIL.BE
  • Every request will be assessed by the organizing committee
  • Minimum age = 15 years

How to change my inscription?

  • Not yet paid: restart the procedure but please metion as a comment that the previous inscription can be canceled.
  • Already paid: send an e-mail to 1W-EM-IPR@MIL.BE

I did not get a confimation mail (n)or tickets

  • Is your e-mail correct?
  • Did you pay?
  • If not, re-start the inscription procedure

As from which age is it mandatory to sign up children?

  • As from 6 years

I’m an active military but I already paid

  • Contact Public Relations service at 1W-EM-IPR@MIL.BE
  • Mention the amount and the date
  • The necessary will be done ASAP

Acess and mobility

Public transportation

  • Yes only on 12 April
  • As from 10:00 every 30 minutes, busses will commute between LEUVEN train station and BEAUVECHAIN airbase
  • Fixed cost of 3 euros for both trajects. This does not induce an entry fee reduction. Tickets are to buy in the De Lijn shop inside the station prior to the bus

I registered as a group, but we come separately

  • Tickets may be passed on
  • The barcode can be scanned as often, as there are people associated with the code (inscription + payment)

How about disabled people?

  • Free entrance
  • Special parking with disabled parking card
  • No special arrangements


No backpacks? But I’m a spotter, a mother with a baby…

  • All packs will be subject to serious screening upon arrival
  • The more packs you bring, the longer the queuing will take

Can I visit a relative who is working at BEAUVECHAIN airbase?

  • There are other moments to organize such a visit
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave the public area

Tombola & prices

How to win an air ride?

  • APR 12: at the INFO point you can buy tombola tickets at 5 euros
  • At every draw there will be 2 air rides
  • The earlier you buy your tombola(s), the bigger your chance to win will be

What can one win?

  • At every draw there are 5 prices: 2 air rides in a helicopter, 2 flights in a SF260 flight simulator (the one used by student pilots) and 1 ‘Full Tactical’ equipment

When will there be a draw?

  • There will be 8 draws: at 12.30; 13.00; 13.30; 14.00; 14.30; 15.00; 15.30; 16.00
  • The winners will be announced on the PA and called on their cellular phone

When will the air rides take place?

  • All air rides will be flown on Apr 12
  • In case of bad weather, another date will be fixed
Ilias Aviovision Rohde&Schwarz ABC SEYNTEX THALES
DeLijn Leonardo Boels BW
CSP Hélidays 2017 - 1 Wing - Rue de la grande lecke, 1320 Beauvechain